Simple Tips On Getting Your Baby Dressed

When a little one first comes along and you get over the initial ‘omg will I break them if I lift this arm up’ faze, getting your baby dressed is quite simple. But oh does that quickly change!

Simple Tips On Getting Your Baby Dressed -

1 Easy fastenings are a life-saver | Teeny, tiny buttons are a nightmare even on our own clothes so why on earth would we try fastening something like this on a screaming, wriggling baby? So to avoid any dressing tantrums (for you and your little one), buy clothing that features front snaps.

2 Bottom snaps | The easiest clothes to get on and off your baby are the ones which feature snaps along the bottom, allowing for easy access for nappy changes. They save you from having to completely undress then re-dress your little one when it comes to having to change a nappy. Trust me – this will save you so much time and most likely your sanity too!

3 Distraction | Singing or talking to your little one during changes can easily cause a distraction and you’ll soon go from dealing with a crying or fussy baby to laughing together in no time. Maybe keep a toy handy too just in case you need some reinforcement!

4 Avoid too many changes | I’m still unsure how my washing pile looks like mount Everest by the end of the day, but avoiding too many outfit changes during the day can help avoid this. Use a bib during meal times to avoid any spillages but also having one on during the teething stages can be incredibly handy. Make sure you’re also keeping an eye out on the size of your nappy. If your little one seems to be dirtying really easily, causing leakages, it may be time to venture into the next size bracket.

What are your tips for making changing your baby less stressful?

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