Six Month Baby Update

How did these tiny hands and feet become half a year old? I’m finding that at this milestone, I’m reflecting more on Archie’s life than in previous months. I think six months is a biggie. A whole half of a year he’s been in our life (although of course it’s hard to remember life before him to be honest).

Time is so cruel when it goes too quickly…

Six Month Baby Update -

I say it every month, but now more than ever it is true. You are the happiest little boy I have ever met. Your smile grows wider by the day and you’re really starting to show your personality.

You have always been so far along in your development (not that this whole motherhood malarkey is a competition), and now you’re coming on leaps and bounds with your sitting and leg strength that is starting to help you stand. You always want to be sitting or laying on your front now.

You’ve decided you don’t need your mammy to hold your bottle for you anymore because you can take care of that. Which of course made me an emotional wreck! I’m starting to really feel like I don’t have a baby on my hands anymore, you’re a boy, learning, developing and growing by the second and it’s amazing to watch.

You’re eating more solid foods, and to be honest there’s not much you don’t seem to like – that’s my boy. You’re curious about everything around you, and you always seem like you’re listening intently at what everyone says.

Sleeping is for the weak so it would seem in your eyes as that sleep regression is still happening, but if it means I get to hold you in my arms a little longer, then I’ll take that.

Six Month Baby Update -

You’re such a darling boy Archie, we’re so lucky to have you.

Loving you is easy, holding you is a blessing and being your mam is everything x

Six Month Baby Update -

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