Survival Tips For First-Time Parents

The most rewarding thing you will ever do is to bring life into this world. You honestly won’t ever know what true love feels like until you hold your baby in your arms. You will feel a whole bunch of emotions that you probably never thought existed but I bet if you ask any one you know that is a parent, they’ll let you know every second is worth it.

Survival Tips For First-Time Parents -

That being said, it’s important that you don’t forget yourself in all of this. The stress, exhaustion, frustration and every other emotion that you can think of that you’re feeling as a new parent can often cloud any thoughts of being happy. But it does get better.

DON’T WORRY | Trust me, it’s entirely normal to feel anything other than happy right now. The struggle adapting to parenthood is real and there will no doubt be many more times you’ll feel scared and exhausted, but it’s not a forever thing. There will be days where you feel nothing but happiness, so enjoy those days.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF | When a new baby comes along your life changes forever. It’s so easy to forget that buried under all the dirty nappies, laundry and feeds, you’re a human too and you need to look after yourself. Look at it this way… if you’re not looking after yourself properly, how are you supposed to look after a baby?

It may seem like the impossible right now, but even if it’s just stopping for five minutes to take the time to brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower or put on a little mascara. Whatever it is that would make you feel slightly more human.

Survival Tips For First-Time Parents -

ENJOY TIME WITH YOUR BABY | Despite the tough days and the never-ending feeds/nappy changes, when your baby is smiling, remember to smile too. They need you more than ever right now so enjoy every minute you have with them. These days will soon be over and your little angel will be getting ready for their first day of school and you’ll be wishing they were this small again.

Survival Tips For First-Time Parents -

MAINTAIN A STRONG RELATIONSHIP | There’s possibly nothing more important than maintaining a strong relationship with your partner. Relationships can often suffer after the birth of a child, but it’s important to keep the love alive. Things that may have never bothered you previously can suddenly feel like the most frustrating thing ever and you wonder how you’re meant to live like this for the rest of your life. Make sure you talk things through with your partner and ensure that you can acknowledge any problems or frustrations that may occur.

Survival Tips For First-Time Parents -

Some parents become so wrapped up in their new role, that they actually forget there’s someone else that needs to feel important too. This can easily cause friction within a relationship because the other partner is left feeling lonely due to the shift of focus.

Try to have an even break in household duties, so that neither partner feels like it falls solely on them.

Above anything else, remember what it is you love about the other person and although you may have less time for each other than you previously did, it’s important to still make time for one another. Make sure that you spend quality time just the two of you to keep the spark between you alive. Get childcare for an evening and go out for dinner or once the kids are in bed, get dressed up and have a candlelit dinner at home. Whatever it is, make sure you’re still making an effort for your other half.

What are your tips for surviving parenthood? Share them with me 🙂

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