Surviving Motherhood Without A Tribe

Have you heard of the term ‘mum tribe’? It’s what is used to describe a bunch of people that help you get through the daily highs and lows of being a mum.

But what happens if you don’t have a tribe?

Well, that’s the position I’ve found myself in. I live far from my family and my best friend and to be honest my friends where I live are only friends through my partner. I don’t have any to call my own, though I love them all like they are my own friends, in reality, without Chris I wouldn’t even know them.

It’s funny how I would actually refer to myself as a people person, even though my anxiety stops me from meeting people or hanging out with friends I do have. Once I have established a grounding with someone, I love chatting with them, spending days out or just knowing they’re at the other end of a message if I need them. But until I reach that point with someone, I can often feel very isolated.

In fact motherhood probably contributes to a lot of that isolation.

Surviving Motherhood Without A Tribe -

So what do you do if you don’t have a ‘mum tribe?’

Make your family your tribe | I spend 100% of my time with my little family. Whether that’s Archie and I on our own or with Chris too. Whatever I do, I am surrounded by my family – which by the way, I love! So sometimes, this is the only tribe we need as mothers. Stop searching elsewhere for company when you have what you need right in front of you. Chris is my best friend, I chew his ear off about everything and tell him all of my worries, fears and happy stories. And on the other hand so are my mam and dad. Although I don’t see them all that often, they’re always there for me when I need them.

Don’t narrow your search to other mothers | Just because you’re a mum, doesn’t mean your tribe has to be other mums too. My best friend isn’t a mother, but yet she lets me send her constant pictures of Archie, listens to me ramble on and still somehow enjoys my company when we get to see each other!

Do you have a mum tribe?

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