The Happy Side Of Depression

Being just 23 and suffering with depression can be quite tough, especially admitting it to a world that can be so cruel sometimes. Behind all the perfect little squares and the filtered pictures lies a girl who WAS suffering in silence.

I want people to realise that just because someone is suffering from depression, that doesn’t make them an alien. In fact, I believe it makes them more human because they’re so in touch with their emotions. And just because someone has depression, that’s not to say they’re always unhappy.

The Happy Side Of Depression -

This week is PND awareness week with PANDAS and in honour of everyone suffering, I wanted to share my happiness journey and my ambitions to beat these blues.

I’ve decided that in order to overcome sadness, you need to look for the good even when you feel like your world is crumbling around you. I’m a big believer in fairytales and I know that even though I have bad days, there’s always a good day just around the corner.

Admitting this to myself has allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the things that do make me happy. It allows me to try and make more of an effort to do things that I enjoy even if it’s having a lazy day on the sofa.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that life doesn’t always have to be about looking perfect, being adventurous or eating the right things. Some days that are spent sporting a mum bun, vegging out watching Netflix with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s are perfect. Some days I may want to go for a walk and others I may want to stay at home. The great thing is I have the choice to do what makes me happy.

I’ve realised I’m a stronger person than I ever thought. A) because I’ve admitted it to myself and b) because I am learning to overcome it all. Nobody can take that feeling of accomplishment away from me.

I smile a little harder now, love a little deeper, and treasure moments for longer.

I am most definitely learning to be happy.



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