Tips On Speed Cleaning Your Home

Guests on their way? Use these simple tips to transform your pit into a show home. No one will ever believe that 30 minutes ago the place was trashed.

Tips On Speed Cleaning Your Home -

Make a cleaning playlist | Love singing along to a bit of 90s pop? Make cleaning the house fun by creating a playlist that you can listen to while you tidy.

Clean room by room | If you have company coming, make tidying the rooms they will see a priority, then move onto the others if you have time.

Stay focused | It’s so easy to get distracted while cleaning and something that should only take a short amount of time ends up becoming very time consuming. That’s why you need to stay focused and set yourself a time goal in order to be more efficient.

Keep cleaning supplies handy | Instead of having all of your cleaning supplies in one location, keep what supplies are needed for each room handy to that location.

Tips On Speed Cleaning Your Home -

Create storage | When everything has a home, cleaning is much easier to do. Make sure you create simple storage solutions to make tidying up faster.

Tidy then vacuum | Leave all of the mopping or vacuuming till the end. Tidy up everywhere else then blitz the hoovering after.

Wipes, wipes and more wipes | Multi-purpose wipes do exactly what they say on the packet. They’re perfect for wiping down surfaces quickly, making them sparkle and smell nice. Tips On Speed Cleaning Your Home -

Make the bed | A made bed will instantly make your room look and feel tidier. So make sure you aim to at least do this every morning.

Dress for success | Dress in appropriate clothing for the task in hand. If you wear comfortable clothing it will make you feel more at ease while cleaning. It may be even a good idea to dedicate some items of clothing solely to cleaning, that way you know you mean business when you put them on.

What are your top tips for speed cleaning?

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