Travelling On A Train With A Baby

So when do you take the plunge and start travelling with your little one? Well, I think the sooner the better to be honest. That way they will get used to all the craziness of travelling.

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -

Like all trips in motherhood, you of course need to be armed with all of your supplies to cover all eventualities. This can be pretty annoying when you’re on your own because you have to carry everything. That’s why I try to keep things to a minimum in order to reduce the load.

I was of course really nervous about this journey. I knew my dad would be at the other end to meet me and help me once I was in London but doing a train journey solo with a five month old baby was a bit of a task to say the least. But nevertheless we managed it!

So what are my top tips for travelling on a train with a baby? Well, here they are…

A baby carrier

I love baby wearing because it’s so convenient. You have both arms free to carry things – which of course when you’re travelling is super handy. Choose a carrier that allows your little one to go forward and parent-facing, that way you will have the best of both worlds.

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -

A comforter

Whether it’s a blanket or a toy, make sure you have something to hand that will settle your little one. I opted for this Peter Rabbit musical toy that usually hangs from Archie’s pram and attached it to the straps of the carrier.

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -


And lots of them. You never know when your little one may be in need of a snack and sometimes it’s a great way of comforting them if they’re getting a bit restless. These wafers are a super easy food to carry in your changing bag.

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -

A small stroller

If you haven’t already realised how much I love our BabyZen YoYo then you will now (but check out this post if you want to know more). This was the most perfect stroller I could have asked for when it came to travelling with Archie. I knew it would be a lot easier than our regular pram, but I didn’t realise just how convenient it would be.

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -

Look how easy it was for me to carry the stroller, changing bag and of course Archie…

Travelling On A Train With A Baby -

Where have you travelled to with your little one and what are your top tips for travelling with a baby?

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