Two Month Baby Update

Two whole months have passed and honestly, I haven’t a clue where they went. What have I done the past eight and a bit weeks? Well I guess raising our son has been top of that list. But in reality it seems crazy to think that my little human has been on this planet for that long. It only seems like five minutes ago that he was in my belly, kicking around and causing me the craziest heartburn ever.

I seriously can’t get enough of the smiles. Every single day I think that smile can’t get any bigger and any cuter. But it does. I definitely underestimated how smitten I would be with this little face. And the giggles! He’s really been showing signs of giggling and we’ve had the odd few seconds but yesterday (Father’s Day nonetheless) we were treated to a beautiful little laugh. I think both of our hearts melted in that moment! It was nothing short of adorable.

Two Month Baby Update -

I know it’s an obvious statement but he really is growing so much. I mean, he’s always been a big baby so I don’t feel like we’ve ever had that delicate stage of where you’re scared to hold them or put them down or do anything with them in case they ‘break’. But now I’m starting to really forget he’s only two months old! Whenever we’re out in public and someone asks me how old he is, I see their shock when I tell him he’s still so young as he resembles a baby probably twice his age!

I’m learning very quickly to treasure each and every moment with my little man because I’m scared I’ll be waving him off to school before I know it. I am so proud of the beautiful, smiley and happy little boy he’s turning into. I am such a lucky mama!

Two Month Baby Update -

P.s I couldn’t resist a quick mammy and son piccie!

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