Two Months Old And Teething

Oh goodness it’s happening and it’s fair to say I wasn’t in the least bit prepared for this. I’d heard about the terrible twos but who knew they could start as early as two months ey!

We’ve had one restless, red-faced, dribbly baby on our hands the last few days and as we expected – it’s teeth! I can’t believe he’s showing signs of this already. Can you please just slow down growing up little man?


  • Drooling
  • Swollen, bulging gums
  • A tooth visible below the gum
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything
  • Rubbing their face
  • Rejecting food

One of our friends recommended ‘Sophie the giraffe’ which apparently babies love when teething. There’s a couple of options to choose from, a teething ring and then a giraffe toy too, but given Archie’s age we went with the teething ring, £9.99.

Two Months Old And Teething -

Archie is still a little young to hold the teething ring but he’s kind of getting the hang of it.

Two Months Old And Teething -

Do you have any tips for teething? Get in touch 🙂 x

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