What A New Dad Should Say To A New Mum

Becoming a mum for the very first time is incredibly daunting. Even though you have been growing this tiny human for months, you can never be entirely sure on how you will feel once your bundle of joy arrives. Baby blues are common in a lot of new mums due to the dramatic life changes you face. I remember reading up on this term, thinking that it wouldn’t be me, but in fact it was.

Life has been incredibly tough since giving birth and I could never prepare myself or my partner for how I would end up feeling. But when you’re struggling, these simple gestures from your other half can leave you feeling on top of the world. So why not share this post with the man in your life so he knows just how to cheer you up?

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1 You are beautiful | It’s pretty normal to be sat in the same clothes as yesterday, having not showered for a few days with crumbs stuck in your sports bra when you become a mother, which will no doubt be leaving you feel anything but beautiful. This is when a compliment from your other half would go down perfectly. Listen to them when they do pay you a compliment, and however hard it may be to believe it, make sure you try. It is likely tat you have never been more beautiful to them than you are right now. You have just brought the most amazing gift into the world for them – that’s pretty special.

2 You’re an amazing mum | Mum guilt takes over us pretty much from day one, especially if you’re like me and went through a pretty traumatic birth. Feeling lost, overwhelmed and just generally exhausted can leave you feeling like you’re not doing a good job at raising your little one. This is when dads need to really up their compliment game. Make sure you let her know that she’s doing a fantastic job. That those smiles and the content baby you have are down to her and the love she is giving your little one.

3 Why don’t you go and have a nap? | Nap? OMG can I really? – They’re the words you might hear coming from your loved one if you offer to look after the little one while she takes a nap. The whole ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ thing can sometimes be easier said than done, so she’s probably pretty exhausted right now.

4 What can I do to help? | You may feel like you can’t ask your partner for help, but you can. He probably thinks you’re coping fine and don’t actually need him – so he’ll love feeling wanted!

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