What Was Under The Tree For Archie?

Sometimes I make myself chuckle… like when I said I wouldn’t go overboard this Christmas when it came to buying gifts for Archie. “You know Sian he’s only going to be eight months old come 25th of December? He’s really not going to remember Christmas this year…” But of course, those words went out the window back in like, October? Whoops…

Anyway, a few of you seemed interested in seeing what we have bought Archie for his very first Christmas and so I thought I’d share it all here, on the blog. To be honest, I’ve been building up a bit of a stockpile of presents since probably before my birthday in August, knowing my maternity pay would run out in the lead up ’till Christmas and I wanted to make sure I had enough for Archie before it did. So, that being said, when I unearthed everything from their hiding places (under the cot, in boxes, the kitchen cupboards) I soon realised I had a lot more for Archie than I first thought. Bonus!

I would definitely say that one of my top tips for Christmas shopping is to spread the cost throughout the year. I know it can be so much easier said than done, but it really does ive you a helping hand come the end of the year.

Anyway, I digress.

Even though Archie will have no idea what is going on this Christmas, I wanted to make sure that it was memorable (even if those memories are just for Chris and I to share). But most importantly, I wanted to make sure it’s going to be fun for our little boy.

Musical toys

One thing I’ve picked up on from our sensory classes is how much Archie loves to make a racket with musical instruments! Having seen all of the colourful light-up tamborines and xylophones I spent some time searching for things I could buy to re-create the sensory experience at home. I managed to get a couple of things from Amazon and the jingle bell rattle was from The Works.

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

Bathtime fun

It’s fair to say Archie’s favourite time of the day is bath time, and even though we already seem to have a mountain of toys floating around in there already, what’s the harm in a few more? Plus, it’s a great way to stimulate your baby by rotating the toys around so that they experience a ‘new’ toy each bath time, when in reality it’s just one they haven’t seen in a while – mama win!

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

We’ve picked up a mix of sieves, squeakers, mirrors and general bath toys for him to enjoy (but secretly we have lots of fun playing with them too)!

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com


For those of you who are regular readers over here, you’ll know why Fisher-Price gained a whole section of its own, and for those of you who can’t understand why, then let’s just say Archie is obsessed with anything Fisher-Price.

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

Everything from the Talking Cookie Jar to a Counting With Puppy Book, we’ve pretty much cleared any shelf of their stuff, and that’s not to mention all of the things we already have!

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

They appear to have got everything just right for our son. The colours, the noises, shapes, everything about their products he loves. If he needs consoling, a Fisher-Price toy or the movie on YouTube is the only thing that will settle him.

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

Although Archie now needs lots of stimulation from plastic toys that make noises and can do lot’s of fancy things, there’s nothing as comforting as a soft toy. When Chris and I spotted this adorable crocodile in T.K. Maxx, we just couldn’t resist it!


Who doesn’t get clothes for Christmas? And to be honest when you have a little one, it’s just an excuse for you to buy them the clothes they need, but use Christmas as an excuse to give the items to them.

As well as just the usual T-Shirts, trousers and vests, we did invest in a couple of nicer items, like this gorgeous soft robe, personalised with his name. I honestly can’t wait to see him wearing it – I just know he’s going to look so super sweet!

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

His main present

What do you get a eight-month-old baby that has had everything he could ever want or need right from the off? Yea, we were struggling to think of something too. But I’ve been holding onto this Fisher-Price (yep, of course it had to be Fisher Price) walker since Amazon had their Prime Day deals back in July I think? I could have quite easily given it to him back then for him to play with while seated but I managed to resist the temptation. Actually, I’m so pleased I did because the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a huge improvement in Archie’s standing abilities, so this will be perfect to help him on his way to walking!

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

A slightly smaller ‘big’ present under the tree for Archie this year is this musical activity table. Again, somehow I’ve managed to keep this hidden since the Amazon Prime Day. He plays with toys like this a lot at his classes so when I spotted this one I knew it would be a great purchase. It’s multi-functional too, which make it a great toy to take on-the-go with us when we’re travelling backwards and forwards up North. You can use it as seen in the box, stand it up on its legs to make an activity table, or in fact hang it in the cot. This is one feature that appealed to me the most, especially now given the fact Archie is moving all around his cot looking for entertainment.

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

What did your little one get from Santa this year?

What Was Under The Tree For Archie? - www.adizzydaisy.com

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