Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Me. I do.

And lots of it.

Who Needs Sleep Anyway? - www.adizzydaisy.com

But Archie is going through a bit of a sleep regression at the moment and it’s fair to say I’m not seeing much sleep these days. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I’m probably still getting my recommended eight hours (or however many they say you need these days), but it’s the fact that those hours are broken up into teeny tiny chunks that isn’t doing much to my general being right now.

Apart from the fact I’ve been incredibly grumpy (yea, I admit it), my skin is looking so bad too. Eughh. I couldn’t feel more like an old woman right now if I tried. Turning 23 has also not been kind.

WHAT IS SLEEP REGRESSION? | Sleep regression occurs when a baby who has been sleeping well suddenly begins to wake up frequently throughout the night. It can come out of nowhere and unfortunately can last anywhere from days to indefinitely. There is thought to be a general pattern within babies as to when they will go through these sleep regressions, 3/4 months, 9 months and 18 months.

HOW TO AVOID A REGRESSION | Adapting to the changes in your baby is key and being able to be flexible with your schedule in order to fit in with their needs. You need to forget everything that has worked in the past and begin a new journey into finding out what your baby needs. It’s kind of like getting to know your baby all over again. If rocking to sleep worked previously this now may be too stimulating and therefore simply won’t work anymore for your little one. It’s all about trial and error. And a hell of a lot of patience. But you got this mama!

Have you got any tips on how to survive a sleep regression? Share them with me 🙂


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