Dec Of The Day: Day Eight

We’re nearly into double figures of December and about to head into the second weekend of the month. What do you have planned for the weekend? Any Christmas activities?

Dec Of The Day: Day Eight -

Teddy bear

The best part of decorating a tree is the fact that there are no rules. You can put whatever you want on there and it’s personal to you. Today’s decoration was probably never destined for life as a Christmas tree ornament but in this house, anything goes!

There is a little story behind this Steiff teddy bear… I received in a press pack with work last year and it’s pretty special because it reminds me of all the hard work I put into getting to where I am now. It might sound silly to some people, but I think this little guy is pretty meaningful, and that’s part of the magic of Christmas.

Dec Of The Day: Day Eight -

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