Matching Christmas Pyjamas

Despite knowing that Chris would most likely laugh at me for wanting to do this, I knew I just had to get us all matching pyjamas this Christmas.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, ready for Santa’s arrival, and so I most definitely wanted to continue this tradition with Archie too – and hey, if you can join in the fun too then why not?

Matching Christmas Pyjamas -

I picked up this matching set from Ebay and I was pretty pleased with the products – although I think I will try and find a cheaper alternative next year!  Chris’ top was a horrible fit, despite mine being lovely and Archie’s was a little on the cheap side, but even still I think we all looked great!

Matching Christmas Pyjamas -

Trying to get a nice photo of the four of us though was a different story… Oh well! I do happen to think this photo sums us all up though. Chris making Archie laugh, me trying to be all serious and attempting a cuddle with Winston, meanwhile he wants in on the fun over there…

Matching Christmas Pyjamas -


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