5 Reasons To Love Your Bump

Yes, your body may be changing at an alarming rate and you miss the sight of your toes as you stare down at your belly, but there’s so many reasons why you should learn to love your bump. Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time, but it can also be the most challenging. You’re rewarded in the most beautiful way at the end of it all, but the swollen feet, sickness and lack of energy can certainly take its toll.

1 People are nicer

Whether it be they’re more helpful or they simply seem to respect you more, people respond well to pregnant women.

2 It’s sexy

Ok, so you might not feel in the least bit sexy, but in fact you are! Think about it, with baby comes boobs and if you’re not exactly blessed in that department it’s a welcome body changer (despite the tenderness)!

3 Children love you

There’s something about a pregnant belly that seems to fascinate children. They talk to the bump in the way only a child would do so, and can often make you feel more relaxed.

4 Snack perch

Forget plates, you have a new little snack perch that means you can snack all day long! – well you are eating for two!

5 Dressing your bump is fun

It can be tough discovering what works for your new body but once you find that perfect look, you can play fashion stylist for a whole nine months.

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