Acne During Pregnancy

You may have noticed a change in your skin during your pregnancy this can be for one of two reasons – hormone surges and your body retaining more fluids. The increase of hormones causes progesterone which causes an increase of acne-causing secretions of oil which can clog up pores and cause bacteria to build up. While your body is retaining more fluids, this also contains toxins which can lead to spots.

How can I rid my acne?

Clean your face with gently with a mild cleanser which is soap-free, once in the morning and once in the evening. Your pores tend to clog around around your hairline and jaw, so make sure to cleanse these areas more thoroughly. If your hair is oily, it’s important to wash it on a regular basis to try and combat this. Although you may be getting annoyed at the extra pimples on your face, it’s vital to not get too aggressive with the scrubbing. Your skin is most likely going to be extra sensitive during pregnancy and over-washing can strip your skin of its natural moisture.

Eat smartly too. It may be obvious but sugary foods can have a major impact on your skin, so make sure you cut back on these foods in your diet. Also, drinking plenty of water will help flush our your skin, keeping it cleaner.


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