An Ever-growing Baby Bump

Before falling pregnant I never quite expected to see my body change so fast and so quickly into my pregnancy. I had seen pictures of my mam when she was pregnant with me and saw she was fairly big, but I guess I assumed these were taken when she was near enough ready to pop. She informs me this was definitely not the case.

I’ve had so many people in the last week or so comment on the size of my bump and how I’m rather big for so early on in my pregnancy. I saw a picture today of someone who is 22 weeks pregnant and it made me realise how big I actually am for 14 weeks. Nothing quite like making a girl feel paranoid. But that said, I’m trying not to let people’s comments or other people’s pregnancies affect mine. Every single woman is different and no two pregnancies are ever going to be the same so I’m fully embracing my ever-growing bump, and to be honest I’m loving it.

I’m past the stage of “is she fat or is she pregnant” and now I’m full on baby bump. Plus, I’d rather be happily seeing my bump grow and watch my body change than be worried that I wasn’t gaining weight and where’s my bump when I’m so far along.

I’ll be posting baby bump pictures very soon – I keep meaning to do them every week but as much as time feels like it’s dragging, it’s also running away with me!

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