Baby’s First Handmade Gift

At any given opportunity I will always choose handmade over shop bought. I love creating something from scratch or buying something that carries a story from the person who made it. Since finding out I was pregnant, my creative juices have been sent into overdrive and I already have so many ideas buzzing around my head as to what I will make for baby bear. My mother has been the same, and so she set about making our little one’s very first handmade gift – a pair of knitted booties.

I’m in love with these adorable little slippers and can’t wait to try them on when little one arrives. Because we don’t obviously know the sex just yet, we opted for a neutral colour, although I think this will be our scheme throughout. Now time to get started on the rest of the handmade items!

What was the first handmade item you made for your little one?

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