Dad And Baby Bonding Tips

I hate the misconception that you have to be a woman to care for your child properly. A child does not only need its mum but it’s important that a baby connects with their father too. Growing up I had an amazing relationship with both of my parents which I am so grateful for today and there’s nothing I’m looking forward to more than seeing my baby have that same bond with Chris. I know he’s going to be the most fantastic dad and it’s going to be fantastic see the bond between them grow.

Repetition is what helps a baby understand a constant figure in their life and so it’s important that a daddy-to-be is involved in every day tasks. I believe it’s true that a baby builds bonds even before it’s born so there is nothing more vital than it getting to know both parents.

1 Feeding

Even mothers who decide to breastfeed can still opt to express which allows dads to feed the baby too. This causes an extreme bond between the two of them. As soon as baby starts to eat solid foods, get dad involved in this too.

2 Leave them to bond

Go and do things you want to do. As a mum-to-be it can be daunting leaving your baby but there should be no one you trust more in this world to look after your baby than their father.

3 Bath time

Most babies love bath time and so this makes it the perfect opportunity for bonding time between dad and baby.

4 Nappy changes

The dirty work shouldn’t be all down to the mother anyway, but this is also a great time for dad and baby to spend quality time together. Babies love when someone cares for them and this action couldn’t express that more.

5 Play time

No doubt your partner is a kid at heart and he’ll love nothing more than play time with your baby. Whether it’s a game of peek-a-boo or just chilling, it’s vital that they get this time together. As the mother you’re likely to spend more time with them in the early years due to maternity leave, so it’s important that dad gets fun time with your little one too.


What are your top tips for baby and dad bonding?

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