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Week 11: Migraines, Sickness & More Migraines

As I leave the eleventh week of my pregnancy and head into week 12, I’m feeling extremely weak. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve probably had it a lot easier than others, but that honestly doesn’t make it any easier.

I had a little sickness a few weeks back but my real experience of pregnancy nausea came last night. One bite of some food and I knew what was happening. I don’t think anyone enjoys being sick, but I’m definitely not the easiest patient to deal with and I thank my lucky stars for Chris and his ability to make me calm in the most awful situations (and for holding my hair back)!

I mentioned before that my migraines have been the biggest issue during my pregnancy and unfortunately they don’t look like they’re going anytime soon. It’s becoming impossible to work and in fact, as I write this I’m looking through squinted eyes trying to make sense of the words on my screen.

After five days of constant pain I had to book an appointment with my GP to see if there’s anything that could help get rid of these pesky migraines. I was told to take paracetamol, which by the way is totally fine during pregnancy (but always check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant).

So far, so good. The pain is easing and I feel a little more human than I did four hours ago.

All in all it’s been a tough week, but we’re now on the countdown to our scan and we’re so excited! Here’s to week 12 and hopefully a lot less headaches!

How did you find week 11? Did you experience any migraines? I’d love to hear from you.


First Trimester, Pregnancy

Why Eating Leafy Greens Is So Important During Pregnancy

Everyone is always saying how important our veggies in our diet are and well, when you’re pregnant they couldn’t be more vital! Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain more essential vitamins and minerals than most others, including vitamin E, riboflavin, folic acid, magnesium and beta-carotene.

But, it’s not only those leafy greens that are important pregnancy dietary requirements, try adding yellow fruits in there too such as mango and cantaloupe as they have all the same nutritious values that baby and you require during this vital time.

If veggies just aren’t your thing, remember you can still get all of those vitamins into your system the sweet way by opting for fruit. Why not try a smoothie instead? – This can count towards one of your daily recommendations.

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Week 10: Tired, Hungry & Glowing

I have to admit previous to getting pregnant myself I didn’t really believe those women who would harp on about how tired they were feeling so early into their pregnancy. I kept thinking, god you’re hardly even showing how can you possibly feel your body changing so much. Boy was I wrong. I have gained the biggest sympathy towards every single pregnant woman out there. I thought I might be at an advantage, with being quite a young mum I thought youth would be on my side and make feel more energetic than the pregnant women I had experienced before. Nope.

All I can say is that the word exhaustion doesn’t even come close.

Chris will be the first person to tell you I am a ridiculously tired person to begin with. I’m one of those people you probably hate for being able to fall asleep even before their head hits the pillow. If you’re talking to me past 9:30pm, well you’re lucky that’s all I can say. I guess I was expecting to feel a little more tired than usual, it’s to be expected really. But never did I think I would be tired to this ridiculous level. Even with a good eight hours sleep under my belt that doesn’t stop me from feeling tired by 10am.

Sitting at a desk all day can be extremely tough, especially because my 9-5 requires me to stare at a computer screen from start to finish too. I have noticed a significant drop in my concentration levels because I find sitting there so uncomfortable. If you’re in a similar position to me, I’ve found getting up and walking around regularly helps me feel more energised. Also, I make sure I go out into the fresh air for lunch instead of staying in the office, not only does it break up the day but the cool air seems to make feel more alive.

I’ve often described myself as a sheep when it comes to eating food. Little and often, grazing all day long. This certainly hasn’t changed during pregnancy. In fact, as soon as I eat I feel hungry again, it’s like even though baby is only the size of a prune right now, they’re literally sapping all of the food from me as soon as I eat. To avoid going hungry I’ve been making sure I have a healthy supply of food around me at all times. I’ve practically taken over one of the fridges at work with all of my fruit, and crackers and breakfast bars fill my desk too.

Never did I think hearing someone say ‘you’re glowing’ would have a serious impact on my mood, but during week ten, a refreshing reminder that I’m doing and looking OK was welcomed with open arms. It’s so hard to feel beautiful when you’re body is rapidly changing and although the change is exciting it’s also incredibly scary too. The reassurance from those around me telling me how good I’m looking when I’m feeling so dreadful has been wonderful.

Heading into week 11 feeling beautiful and positive is more than I could have ever imagined, and despite still feeling tired and hungry all of the time, I’m feeling very blessed to have Chris and baby bear in my life.

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Insecurity During Pregnancy

It’s fair to say I’m not the most confident girl in the world, nor have I ever been, but there’s something about the way your body changes during pregnancy that makes you super sensitive (admittedly a little crazy at times too), and very insecure about the way you look. Chris is the most wonderful, caring, amazing partner I could have wished for, but that doesn’t mean my insecurities don’t sometimes get in the way of things. I don’t mean to let them bother me, but it feels like there’s this constant battle going on inside my head between realising I’m just being silly and hormonal, and the self doubt that I may simply not be good enough anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I think pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world and I can’t wait to watch my body grow and bloom as the baby develops, but I worry constantly about how I’m going to look after birth. At 22, I’m still a fairly young mum-to-be, so sometimes I just put it down to an age thing. My generation is so obsessed with the way they look that maybe my body confidence (or lack of it) is simply down to an age difference between Chris and I – and possibly why he finds it so hard to see why I feel this way.

I’m told that I am loved and that I’m beautiful every single day, but yet I still find it hard to accept this as fact. I must be driving Chris crazy with the constant need for reassurance but it’s hard not to need this to get me through the day. The sad truth is that I can’t just put this down to the pregnancy, I have always been this way. But since becoming pregnant I have most certainly seen an increase in both my emotions and my insecurities.

As our pregnancy progresses, I’ve had so many people ask me about names, and because Chris and I aren’t married, what will baby’s surname be. To be honest, I think this has a lot to do with why I’m feeling so insecure. I want to be a family unit more than anything and by not sharing the same surname as the love of my life and our baby, I’m feeling a little detached from the family we’re about to create. I’m scared of becoming nothing to him once the baby arrives.

Although it’s tough, I’m trying hard not to let things get to me, trying to push through the pain and see how good my life is. I have everything I could want and more and in all honestly I’m tired of that being clouded by my insecurities. Time to see the situation for what it is. I have a wonderful, caring boyfriend and a beautiful baby on the way. Could life get any better?

Have you felt any insecurities during pregnancy? How did you get through them?

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Why are my breasts so tender?

Your body is changing so much due to your growing baby which causes you to produce a higher amount of hormones. A similar surge surge occurs during your period.

Your breasts are also likely to be getting bigger. Although this may be an uncomfortable stage of pregnancy but these changes are preparing your breasts for the important role of producing milk to feed your baby with.

During early pregnancy your breasts may grow at a rapid speed. You may not even notice much difference in the size until the end of your pregnancy – everyone is different.

If this is your first pregnancy, the change in your breasts can be quite dramatic. Don’t be surprised if you go up a couple of cup sizes by the time you reach the end of your pregnancy. They could also increase more once your baby is born.

Changes can also occur during sex. You may begin to notice a throbbing or tingling sensation in your breasts – it’s important to let your partner know how you’re feeling to avoid hurting you.

Is it common to have sore breasts?

Sore breasts during pregnancy is completely normal – in fact, sore, tingling or sensitive breasts is one of the first indicators that you could be pregnant. You may have noticed the increase in sensitivity as early as three weeks – before you even took a test!

Once you reach the second trimester you should see your hormone levels settle down, which may alleviate some of the tenderness.

How can I ease the tenderness?

A supportive and comfortable bra is essential during pregnancy. It will help to prevent them from rubbing against clothes and making them more sore.

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Crazy Emotions During Early Pregnancy

You’re probably sat there wondering whether you’re the only person who feels an overwhelming amount of emotions during early pregnancy – well trust me, you’re not alone!

Before getting pregnant I would most certainly have described myself as an emotional person, but I never realised how much that could escalate once carrying a baby. The increase of hormones in your body is definitely to blame for this, and will leave feeling tired, exhausted and most likely on the verge of bursting into tears at any moment.

The physical changes that you’re about to experience can also cause you to feel a heightened size of emotions. Even if you’re excited to become a parent, you are naturally going to worry about your baby’s health, financial adjustments you may need to make and adjusting to becoming a mother.

You’re highly likely to experience uncontrollable bouts of weepiness or uncontrollable mood swings – remind yourself that this is normal and you’re not alone. Make sure you take care if yourself – relax and enjoy this exciting time. Your partner, family and friends will be there for you to provide support should you need it, so try not to shut them out if you need them.

Many women also find that they become more forgetful during pregnancy which can be very frustrating. You may also find that it’s hard to stay cheerful when you feel so sick and tired all of the time. Don’t worry, your emotions should become more manageable during your second trimester.

Managing your emotions during early pregnancy can be tough, however you need to accept that what you’re experiencing is not your fault. Although it can be tough, just know that soon you’ll be feeling back to normal – so don’t worry!

Rest | Make sue you’re getting plenty of sleep, because it will be harder to manage your moods if you’re tired.

Fun time | It’s important you still have fun during your pregnancy and this will help you to relax more. Catch up with friends, go out for dinner or see a movie – whatever you enjoy the most!

Gentle exercise | When you’re feeling upset or irritated, try gentle exercise to calm you down. A swim, walk or some simple yoga is highly recommended.

Spend time with your partner | This is the most exciting time of your life so it’s important you spend time with those you love the most. Unfortunately, they can bare the worst of our mood swings which can be hard for them to understand. Take time to show them how much you love them. Remember, they’re about to have their lives changed too and they may also be experiencing some worries. Sit down and talk about everything – it will definitely help.

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

You may not even have the faintest idea that you’re pregnant, on the other hand you may be certain you are – some women say they just know. But even if there’s the slightest bit of uncertainty these early signs of pregnancy may help you to determine whether you are or not.

Nausea and sickness

This is the tell-tale sign of pregnancy and if you’re all of sudden feeling nauseous then this could be a clear sign that you’re pregnant. Although not everyone suffers from the dreaded morning sickness – around 80% of pregnancies cause nausea with half of them resulting in vomiting.


It’s easy to feel like you’re already five months pregnant if your body is already waving goodbye to your favourite pair of skinny jeans, but one of the first signs of pregnancy is bloating.


Blame it on the hormones – if you thought you’d experienced feeling tired before, well you’re in for a shock. Early pregnancy exhaustion is tough and so it’s important you look after yourself and your baby. Get plenty of rest, keep hydrated and eat well. You’ll be thankful of the extra sleep you got pre-baby!

Overactive emotions

If your partner feared your overactive emotions during your period, they may be in for a shock now. The influx of hormones can have you swinging between emotions like you’ve never experienced before! Tiredness can also make this ten times worse, so we recommend plenty of relaxation and chocolate (because well, that fixes everything)!

Non-stop toilet breaks

If you’re up and down to the loo like a yo-yo this could be a sign you’re pregnant. The pregnancy hormone HCG tends to make you need the toilet more often. It’s important to keep hydrated – however tempting it is to drink less to prevent more toilet breaks!

Strange tastes

Have you got a strange metallic-like taste in your mouth? – Yes? This could be a sign you’re pregnant. Keep a pack of mints to hand in case the taste gets too unbearable!

Heightened sense of smell

If you can you smell something’s out of date from a mile away then this could be a clear indicator of pregnancy. Lots of mums-to-be find strong smells difficult to cope with during pregnancy as they can set of nausea.

A missed period

This may seem obvious but the first sign that you could be pregnant could be the fact that you’ve missed your period. Even a day over could spark a sign of pregnancy to some women.

A positive test

Every pregnancy is different and so you may not suffer from any of the above symptoms, and even if you are, there’s no certainty you’re pregnant. The only way to be sure you’re pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test.

Be mindful that false negatives can occur so if you’re in any doubt, consult your doctor. False positives are however, very unlikely. So if there’s a positive result on your pregnancy test, assume that you’re pregnant!

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Scan

Following our first midwife appointment we both knew we needed to be sure the pregnancy was running as smoothly as possible and being so early in the game it’s hard to know if what you’re feeling is right and you’re doing everything correctly. Our midwife mentioned the opportunity of an early scan which can be booked through private clinics in the area, although at a cost. In that moment, Chris and I looked at each other and we knew pretty much straight away that we would want to go ahead with this. Knowing that everything was ok was top of our priority list and if that came at a cost then so be it.

The next day, we searched for a few clinics in our local area and surprisingly there were more than I expected. We managed to get an appointment that same day – amazing! The total cost was £99 which included eight scan pictures too. When we found out the price we weren’t sure whether to go for it or not, but for peace of mind it was becoming more tempting. My parents were fortunately able to help us out with this and paid for us to have the scan, which we’re so very grateful for. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time, and although at eight weeks baby is only the size of a blueberry, seeing and knowing that the small dot on the screen in front of you will very soon be in your arms was incredible.

If you’re even slightly considering having an early scan and can afford to – I would seriously recommend doing so. There is nothing quite like the feeling of relief knowing that everything is running as smoothly as it should be. Of course, not everyone can afford to opt for an early pregnancy scan but if you’ve had multiple miscarriages you may be entitled to one on the NHS so that’s worth checking out.

Have you had an early pregnancy scan? How did you find the experience?


First Trimester, Pregnancy

The First Midwife Appointment: What To Expect

Leading up to our scheduled meeting with our midwife I was very apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and many of the things I searched on the internet weren’t telling me what I should expect from this visit. That’s why I decided to write this post so that any mums-to-be out there have a little idea what might happen during their own first meeting with the midwife – but of course, everyone is different.

From the moment you call the doctor to inform them of your pregnancy your meeting with the midwife is made. In my case, my doctor’s surgery put me straight through to the midwife department as everything is carried out through them now. I then phoned the midwife and they made an appointment for me scheduled for around seven weeks time. After getting off the phone, I quickly noted the date on my diary and soon realised just how long I had to wait before even being able to gain any clarification on my pregnancy.

The waiting game | For me, those weeks of waiting were a killer (in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing compared to the nine months of pregnancy, but still!). You have a million and one questions, thoughts and concerns running around in your head and you just can’t keep up with them. You want all of the answers there and then but you have to wait the gruelling seven weeks to find out any of them.

The appointment | Our appointment was scheduled for 9:30am, a lovely time I thought because it meant I didn’t have too long in the morning to build up any anxiety. Right on time my midwife, Victoria arrived with arms full of equipment. She took a seat and the congratulations of our pregnancy were in full swing. To begin with she noted down all of my details and any family history that they needed to know, along with any on Chris’ side too. (If you’re not sure of your family history it’s a good idea beforehand to ask family members to tell you. I was prepared with a list which she found very helpful).

You’ll have your blood pressure taken plus blood and urine samples to check everything is running smoothly. Blood tests check for diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B which baby can actually be treated for if necessary.

Summary | All in all the first appointment is really easy going, you can ask as many or as little questions as possible and you find out all the information you need on where you can have your baby. They take every little detail seriously so if you have any concerns or family history that is worrying you, you’ll be able to ask any questions at this appointment.

How did you find your first midwife appointment?

First Trimester, Pregnancy

Early Window Shopping

I know, I know you’re probably thinking whooaaa – that’s a bit early isn’t it? But Chris and I are just so excited to be parents we’re fully immersing ourselves into the roles of mummy and daddy already. We wanted to get an idea of prices so we’re not hit with a massive shock when the time comes to make big baby purchases so we decided to have a trip to our local Mothercare and Toys R Us stores.

Pleasantly surprised

Much to our delight we were surprised at the prices of major baby items. I think we had prepared ourselves for the worst possible case which helped because the not-so-scary price tags made window shopping this early feel so much less of a daunting task. It’s hard because this early into a pregnancy you don’t want to build your hopes up too high, but on the other hand you’re so filled with joy you want to buy everything remotely baby-related just to fill your need and desire to be a parent this instant.

We found the one

I think it’s safe to say we’ve both already found the cot and pram of our dreams. When it comes to practical items, Chris and I are usually on the same wave length – which is great! And so I had no doubts that there would be any problems when it came to choosing items for the baby. We’ve fallen in love with a beautiful white and wooden cot which turns into a bed when baby is old enough to use it – practical thinking! You will never in a million years expect to see so many different pushchairs in so many varying colours and which include gadgets/options you never thought possible. To be honest some resemble mini spaceships as opposed to a neat, safe little carry system for your baby. We’ve set our hearts on a beautiful grey coloured pram which includes a car set plus can be set up in different styles. We agreed we wanted a neutral colour – even though we will be finding out baby bears sex we want one that can be used for whenever we decide to add to our family. I pushed countless prams around, some just felt so unnatural or too posy. I wanted one that felt comfortable, looked nice and most importantly was a practical choice for our activities, lifestyle and hopefully growing family. When shopping for these kinds of items it’s easy to become lost in a sea of parents that look as if they know what they’re doing, making you feel helpless when you can’t figure out which way the car seat attaches to the pram to make it a multi-functional object. But never fear, don’t give up. Little did I think that seven weeks into our pregnancy we would have found the one. Although we haven’t made any purchases just yet – we know it’s a little too early for that just yet – we have most definitely found the perfect one for us. Seeing Chris pushing it around the store made my heart well and truly melt. I can’t wait to make this man a father, and I can’t wait to be a mother.

We did however make one purchase. A beautiful white and grey fleece blanket which says ‘love you to the stars’ on it. Chris and I have a thing about stars, and the connection even relates to how we first met so we love any reference to this. As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to have it for baby bear.


How early did you start buying things? When is too early? I’d love to hear from you!