7 Pregnancy Myths Busted

With so much advice out there on what you shouldn’t or should do during pregnancy it can be quite a task deciphering which to follow. If you’re unsure at any point about something, talk to your doctor. They will be able to advice the best solution for you and your pregnancy.

Myth one | You’re eating for two

Unfortunately ladies this isn’t the case and pregnancy is not an excuse to over indulge in food. In fact, it’s only in your later stages of pregnancy that the average woman will need around an extra 200-300 calories.

Myth two | Eat three healthy meals a day

Reality – you should be eating six or seven small meals a day. Remember, what was good for you pre pregnancy will still be good for you now.

Myth three | You can’t fly during your pregnancy

False – It’s OK for you to fly at any point during your pregnancy despite some advice warning against it in your first and last trimester. Some airlines will not allow you to fly during your final trimester but that’s down to the risk of going into labour.

Myth four | The baby’s position in the womb can determine the sex

It’s impossible to tell the sex of the baby from the position it’s in. Take a guess though, you’ve got a 50% chance of being right either way!

Myth five | No coffee while pregnant

This is true to some degree, you are allowed one cup a day but don’t go crazy. It’s best to cut out the caffeine during your pregnancy.

Myth six | Walking makes labour faster

Unfortunately the only thing walking will do is make you feel a little better. It doesn’t have any effect on the speed of labour. Sorry.

Myth seven | Pregnant women should sleep on their left side

There’s no need to stick to one side during your pregnancy, that’s only going to hurt that side more. You’ll be exhausted in your first and last trimesters and it’s important to just get sleep however you can.

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