7 Weeks And Counting

We’re past the half way mark in our first trimester and now the countdown is well and truly on for our scan at 12 weeks! Although we’ve only known that we’re expecting for three and a bit weeks now it still feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime to see our baby bear for the first time.

The baby

Right now little one is the size of a blueberry and is approximately 0.51 inches in size. One of the most incredible things to happen at this stage of the pregnancy is that 100 brain cells are produced per minute and the heart is becoming more sophisticated. Their arm and leg joints are beginning to form and permanent kidneys have developed.


The first trimester is full of changes for a num-t0-be and during week seven nausea is most apparent. Suddenly an aversion to certain foods takes over and cravings start to develop. Spots, spots and more spots. If you thought your teenage pimple days were over with unfortunately you were mistaken. Your skin now hates you again and you’ll see a huge increase in the amount of spots you’re getting.

Constant toilet breaks are just a given now. A build up of salivation causes you to drink more and ultimately wee more. It’s a cycle you can’t run from!

You’ll also most likely see an increase in emotions and they can be pretty intense. I thought I was an emotional wreck pre pregnancy but that’s nothing compared to how I feel now. Mood swings and constantly feeling like wanting to cry are just some of the things I’ve been experiencing.


What are you experiencing at the seven week mark?

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