Crazy Emotions During Early Pregnancy

You’re probably sat there wondering whether you’re the only person who feels an overwhelming amount of emotions during early pregnancy – well trust me, you’re not alone!

Before getting pregnant I would most certainly have described myself as an emotional person, but I never realised how much that could escalate once carrying a baby. The increase of hormones in your body is definitely to blame for this, and will leave feeling tired, exhausted and most likely on the verge of bursting into tears at any moment.

The physical changes that you’re about to experience can also cause you to feel a heightened size of emotions. Even if you’re excited to become a parent, you are naturally going to worry about your baby’s health, financial adjustments you may need to make and adjusting to becoming a mother.

You’re highly likely to experience uncontrollable bouts of weepiness or uncontrollable mood swings – remind yourself that this is normal and you’re not alone. Make sure you take care if yourself – relax and enjoy this exciting time. Your partner, family and friends will be there for you to provide support should you need it, so try not to shut them out if you need them.

Many women also find that they become more forgetful during pregnancy which can be very frustrating. You may also find that it’s hard to stay cheerful when you feel so sick and tired all of the time. Don’t worry, your emotions should become more manageable during your second trimester.

Managing your emotions during early pregnancy can be tough, however you need to accept that what you’re experiencing is not your fault. Although it can be tough, just know that soon you’ll be feeling back to normal – so don’t worry!

Rest | Make sue you’re getting plenty of sleep, because it will be harder to manage your moods if you’re tired.

Fun time | It’s important you still have fun during your pregnancy and this will help you to relax more. Catch up with friends, go out for dinner or see a movie – whatever you enjoy the most!

Gentle exercise | When you’re feeling upset or irritated, try gentle exercise to calm you down. A swim, walk or some simple yoga is highly recommended.

Spend time with your partner | This is the most exciting time of your life so it’s important you spend time with those you love the most. Unfortunately, they can bare the worst of our mood swings which can be hard for them to understand. Take time to show them how much you love them. Remember, they’re about to have their lives changed too and they may also be experiencing some worries. Sit down and talk about everything – it will definitely help.

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