Early Signs of Pregnancy

You may not even have the faintest idea that you’re pregnant, on the other hand you may be certain you are – some women say they just know. But even if there’s the slightest bit of uncertainty these early signs of pregnancy may help you to determine whether you are or not.

Nausea and sickness

This is the tell-tale sign of pregnancy and if you’re all of sudden feeling nauseous then this could be a clear sign that you’re pregnant. Although not everyone suffers from the dreaded morning sickness – around 80% of pregnancies cause nausea with half of them resulting in vomiting.


It’s easy to feel like you’re already five months pregnant if your body is already waving goodbye to your favourite pair of skinny jeans, but one of the first signs of pregnancy is bloating.


Blame it on the hormones – if you thought you’d experienced feeling tired before, well you’re in for a shock. Early pregnancy exhaustion is tough and so it’s important you look after yourself and your baby. Get plenty of rest, keep hydrated and eat well. You’ll be thankful of the extra sleep you got pre-baby!

Overactive emotions

If your partner feared your overactive emotions during your period, they may be in for a shock now. The influx of hormones can have you swinging between emotions like you’ve never experienced before! Tiredness can also make this ten times worse, so we recommend plenty of relaxation and chocolate (because well, that fixes everything)!

Non-stop toilet breaks

If you’re up and down to the loo like a yo-yo this could be a sign you’re pregnant. The pregnancy hormone HCG tends to make you need the toilet more often. It’s important to keep hydrated – however tempting it is to drink less to prevent more toilet breaks!

Strange tastes

Have you got a strange metallic-like taste in your mouth? – Yes? This could be a sign you’re pregnant. Keep a pack of mints to hand in case the taste gets too unbearable!

Heightened sense of smell

If you can you smell something’s out of date from a mile away then this could be a clear indicator of pregnancy. Lots of mums-to-be find strong smells difficult to cope with during pregnancy as they can set of nausea.

A missed period

This may seem obvious but the first sign that you could be pregnant could be the fact that you’ve missed your period. Even a day over could spark a sign of pregnancy to some women.

A positive test

Every pregnancy is different and so you may not suffer from any of the above symptoms, and even if you are, there’s no certainty you’re pregnant. The only way to be sure you’re pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test.

Be mindful that false negatives can occur so if you’re in any doubt, consult your doctor. False positives are however, very unlikely. So if there’s a positive result on your pregnancy test, assume that you’re pregnant!

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