Early Window Shopping

I know, I know you’re probably thinking whooaaa – that’s a bit early isn’t it? But Chris and I are just so excited to be parents we’re fully immersing ourselves into the roles of mummy and daddy already. We wanted to get an idea of prices so we’re not hit with a massive shock when the time comes to make big baby purchases so we decided to have a trip to our local Mothercare and Toys R Us stores.

Pleasantly surprised

Much to our delight we were surprised at the prices of major baby items. I think we had prepared ourselves for the worst possible case which helped because the not-so-scary price tags made window shopping this early feel so much less of a daunting task. It’s hard because this early into a pregnancy you don’t want to build your hopes up too high, but on the other hand you’re so filled with joy you want to buy everything remotely baby-related just to fill your need and desire to be a parent this instant.

We found the one

I think it’s safe to say we’ve both already found the cot and pram of our dreams. When it comes to practical items, Chris and I are usually on the same wave length – which is great! And so I had no doubts that there would be any problems when it came to choosing items for the baby. We’ve fallen in love with a beautiful white and wooden cot which turns into a bed when baby is old enough to use it – practical thinking! You will never in a million years expect to see so many different pushchairs in so many varying colours and which include gadgets/options you never thought possible. To be honest some resemble mini spaceships as opposed to a neat, safe little carry system for your baby. We’ve set our hearts on a beautiful grey coloured pram which includes a car set plus can be set up in different styles. We agreed we wanted a neutral colour – even though we will be finding out baby bears sex we want one that can be used for whenever we decide to add to our family. I pushed countless prams around, some just felt so unnatural or too posy. I wanted one that felt comfortable, looked nice and most importantly was a practical choice for our activities, lifestyle and hopefully growing family. When shopping for these kinds of items it’s easy to become lost in a sea of parents that look as if they know what they’re doing, making you feel helpless when you can’t figure out which way the car seat attaches to the pram to make it a multi-functional object. But never fear, don’t give up. Little did I think that seven weeks into our pregnancy we would have found the one. Although we haven’t made any purchases just yet – we know it’s a little too early for that just yet – we have most definitely found the perfect one for us. Seeing Chris pushing it around the store made my heart well and truly melt. I can’t wait to make this man a father, and I can’t wait to be a mother.

We did however make one purchase. A beautiful white and grey fleece blanket which says ‘love you to the stars’ on it. Chris and I have a thing about stars, and the connection even relates to how we first met so we love any reference to this. As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to have it for baby bear.


How early did you start buying things? When is too early? I’d love to hear from you!

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