Pregnancy – One Week In

So we’ve known we’re having a baby for just over a week now, and what a week it’s been. Not that I haven’t always believed that having a baby will change your life, but how quickly it does has truly overwhelmed me. I never thought I would be experiencing such dramatic changes within such a short space of time.

Migraines | Earlier in the week I was suffering from the most horrendous migraines, and due to being pregnant pills were off the cards. Nothing was shifting the aching pain, apart from Kool ‘n’ Soothe strips. I honestly can’t recommend these enough to anyone experiencing any similar symptoms. They were amazing and I most definitely will be keeping a pack in the house at all times in case they strike again.

Stretching | Not the glamorous, yummy mummy yoga poses (well not just yet anyway) but the most strange sensation of feeling your body stretching to cope with the development of baby. It’s a pretty mad feeling, one I wish I could describe to Chris so he knew what I was feeling. It’s not a pain, it feels completely different to anything I have experienced previously and I have suffered many a bad period in my time. I find it fascinating that your body knows what it needs to do so early on in pregnancy. I’ve heard for younger mums more stretching will occur because our stomach muscles are tighter, so that could be one reason as to why I’m feeling it so much already. I’ve also noticed a significant weight gain. Chris can’t see it but I’m still not sure whether he’s trying to be polite or it’s really just in my head. But I think every woman knows when something is just different about their body, and often it’s hard for others to see the imperfections we see. As a lover of figure-flattering styles, I’m already finding it quite difficult to wear clothes I’m used to. I’m suddenly 100 times more conscious of how I look and most importantly keeping baby bear a secret for now. The sooner the 12 week scan gets here, the better!

Water intake | I have honestly never drunk as much water as I am right now in the whole 22 years of living. I seem to constanty have a drink to my mouth just to stop it feeling so dry! I feel like I need some sort of device that gives me water every two seconds. But surely this can only be a good thing? – At least baby will be getting plenty of fluids too!

And ultimately more toilet breaks | My bladder is already the size of a pea. I can’t believe how much I am having to get up and down to use the toilet. If someone doesn’t notice my frequent bathroom breaks and twig that it’s because I’m pregnant then I’d be very surprised. Maybe I’ll have to mix things up and use different loos in the office to try and deter people from cracking the secret.

Sickness | Definitely not the most fun part of being a mum-to-be. I was hoping I’d be like my mum was and not suffer so much from morning sickness but it looks like I should have prepared myself more. It’s only in the last day that sickness has occurred but trust me it’s not the greatest feeling, especially when you have to put on a brave face for work. Fortunately it hasn’t been an all day thing for me – so far anyway, but we shall see. And of course, it’s still very early days – there’s probably still much more on its way!

Even with all of these crazy changes I couldn’t be happier. I am feeling on top of the world and I can’t wait to be a mum. Chris and I have have been talking so much about everything we want to get and do and also names, but they’re most certainly under wraps until baby bear arrives!

Keep up to date with the rest of my journey for more advice, tips and my whole experience on being a mummy-to-be!

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