The First Midwife Appointment: What To Expect

Leading up to our scheduled meeting with our midwife I was very apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and many of the things I searched on the internet weren’t telling me what I should expect from this visit. That’s why I decided to write this post so that any mums-to-be out there have a little idea what might happen during their own first meeting with the midwife – but of course, everyone is different.

From the moment you call the doctor to inform them of your pregnancy your meeting with the midwife is made. In my case, my doctor’s surgery put me straight through to the midwife department as everything is carried out through them now. I then phoned the midwife and they made an appointment for me scheduled for around seven weeks time. After getting off the phone, I quickly noted the date on my diary and soon realised just how long I had to wait before even being able to gain any clarification on my pregnancy.

The waiting game | For me, those weeks of waiting were a killer (in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing compared to the nine months of pregnancy, but still!). You have a million and one questions, thoughts and concerns running around in your head and you just can’t keep up with them. You want all of the answers there and then but you have to wait the gruelling seven weeks to find out any of them.

The appointment | Our appointment was scheduled for 9:30am, a lovely time I thought because it meant I didn’t have too long in the morning to build up any anxiety. Right on time my midwife, Victoria arrived with arms full of equipment. She took a seat and the congratulations of our pregnancy were in full swing. To begin with she noted down all of my details and any family history that they needed to know, along with any on Chris’ side too. (If you’re not sure of your family history it’s a good idea beforehand to ask family members to tell you. I was prepared with a list which she found very helpful).

You’ll have your blood pressure taken plus blood and urine samples to check everything is running smoothly. Blood tests check for diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B which baby can actually be treated for if necessary.

Summary | All in all the first appointment is really easy going, you can ask as many or as little questions as possible and you find out all the information you need on where you can have your baby. They take every little detail seriously so if you have any concerns or family history that is worrying you, you’ll be able to ask any questions at this appointment.

How did you find your first midwife appointment?

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