Week 10: Tired, Hungry & Glowing

I have to admit previous to getting pregnant myself I didn’t really believe those women who would harp on about how tired they were feeling so early into their pregnancy. I kept thinking, god you’re hardly even showing how can you possibly feel your body changing so much. Boy was I wrong. I have gained the biggest sympathy towards every single pregnant woman out there. I thought I might be at an advantage, with being quite a young mum I thought youth would be on my side and make feel more energetic than the pregnant women I had experienced before. Nope.

All I can say is that the word exhaustion doesn’t even come close.

Chris will be the first person to tell you I am a ridiculously tired person to begin with. I’m one of those people you probably hate for being able to fall asleep even before their head hits the pillow. If you’re talking to me past 9:30pm, well you’re lucky that’s all I can say. I guess I was expecting to feel a little more tired than usual, it’s to be expected really. But never did I think I would be tired to this ridiculous level. Even with a good eight hours sleep under my belt that doesn’t stop me from feeling tired by 10am.

Sitting at a desk all day can be extremely tough, especially because my 9-5 requires me to stare at a computer screen from start to finish too. I have noticed a significant drop in my concentration levels because I find sitting there so uncomfortable. If you’re in a similar position to me, I’ve found getting up and walking around regularly helps me feel more energised. Also, I make sure I go out into the fresh air for lunch instead of staying in the office, not only does it break up the day but the cool air seems to make feel more alive.

I’ve often described myself as a sheep when it comes to eating food. Little and often, grazing all day long. This certainly hasn’t changed during pregnancy. In fact, as soon as I eat I feel hungry again, it’s like even though baby is only the size of a prune right now, they’re literally sapping all of the food from me as soon as I eat. To avoid going hungry I’ve been making sure I have a healthy supply of food around me at all times. I’ve practically taken over one of the fridges at work with all of my fruit, and crackers and breakfast bars fill my desk too.

Never did I think hearing someone say ‘you’re glowing’ would have a serious impact on my mood, but during week ten, a refreshing reminder that I’m doing and looking OK was welcomed with open arms. It’s so hard to feel beautiful when you’re body is rapidly changing and although the change is exciting it’s also incredibly scary too. The reassurance from those around me telling me how good I’m looking when I’m feeling so dreadful has been wonderful.

Heading into week 11 feeling beautiful and positive is more than I could have ever imagined, and despite still feeling tired and hungry all of the time, I’m feeling very blessed to have Chris and baby bear in my life.

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