Nursery Decor Ideas

I love anything related to home decor, well actually, anything creative and design based, so getting to design a nursery is a very exciting prospect! Even though come the 20 week scan we’ll most likely be finding out the sex of baby bear we still want to keep the room decor and accessories as neutral as possible. We both have a love of grey and white interiors so we’ll most definitely be sticking to this theme – plus we recently decorated the spare room in these colours so it helps that they’re fitting for baby too!

Nursery Decor Ideas -

Since we found out we were expecting decor ideas have been floating around in my head. White and grey will be predominant colours and touches of beige and brown will accent. I love all things cutesy when it comes to babies – well they’re not going to stay that small forever so I will savour every minute I get to wrap them up like a teddy bear for as long as I possibly can!

I’ve put together a little collage of some of my ideas, but as we’re only seven weeks in this will most likely change over the coming weeks. I want to stick to quite traditional themes too. I love Peter Rabbit and of course Winnie The Pooh but I don’t want all the mis-matched colours which come with styles like that. We’ll be keeping everything minimal – plus you never know when things will come in handy for a second time round so it’s always best to go neutral!

Stay tuned for more updates on nursery purchases and the all-exciting decorating task!


What is the theme for your nursery? Share your pictures in the comments below!

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