Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway

How great would it be to receive a box of goodies for your little one in the post every month? I LOVE the idea of subscription boxes for babies and this one from Red Elephant Baby Boxes is packed full of amazing products your tot will adore.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

“Hand-curated subscription baby boxes”

When a package manages to make you smile, you know you’re onto a winner, and this box of goodies from Red Elephant Baby Boxes did just that as soon as I opened it. Neatly packaged and sealed with branded tissue paper and stickers, right from the off you know that exciting things await.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

The process of ordering your own is so simple, all you have to do is decide which size box you’d like and how long you’d like your subscription to last, and that’s it. You’ll be asked who the box is for, so that the best possible items are selected for your needs.

Keep on reading to find out how you can WIN your own!

So, what’s in the Premium Box*?

Obviously each subscription box is tailored to suit the recipient, in our case this was a six-month-old little boy. I was honestly overwhelmed with the contents of this box. It really felt like someone had taken the time to get to know Archie before choosing items that he would love.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

As you can see there wasn’t an inch of room to spare in the box and I honestly didn’t know what to investigate first. I can’t believe how many amazing items they managed to squeeze into this package.

Let’s investigate…

Elephant spill proof lid

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Although I was tempted to pull everything out of the box in excitement I decided to lift things out in some kind of order, starting with this spill proof lid in an adorable elephant shape. To be completely honest, I’d never even seen one of these before, but after reading the incredibly handy little label on this item, I wondered how we’d ever lived without one. Now that Archie is beginning to rely less on bottles of milk and has added cups of juice to his diet, these are perfect for on-the-go ease. I’ve already stashed this in our changing bag so I always have it with us.

Feeder spoon

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Another handy little gadget featured within our premium box was this feeder spoon. Again, this was something I’d never even seen before (one great thing about these subscription boxes), but yet I really do need this. I’d only ever seen pouches of food before, or little storage pots to store homemade purees, never this incredibly useful spoon.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

It features a silicone handle/pouch which you can easily squeeze to release the food into the spoon attachment.

Cotton cloths

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Can you really ever have enough little cloths around the home? I try to keep one everywhere I may need them, because in reality you never really can be sure when you’ll be reaching for one. These 100% cotton cloths are super soft and feature teddy bear and giraffe designs on each of the three in this bundle. You could even use these as a wash cloth in the bath too.

Baby shoes

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

On one hand I hate the fact that my baby is growing up and is now starting to require shoes, but on the other, I love the fact a whole new shopping avenue has been opened up for me (not that I needed any excuse). These jazzy little soles are perfect for those first steps or for just keeping their toes cosy, especially during the winter months ahead.

Animal door stops

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Now that Archie is on the move, protecting him from getting his fingers caught in doors is a big priority of mine, so these fun animal door stops are the perfect solution. I’ve only ever seen really boring white ones before, so I’m very impressed with these fun animal character designs.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

I’ve scattered them throughout the house and placed them on doors which Archie is most likely going to play with, like the living room door, the bathroom and his bedroom. I think this cheeky little monkey goes perfectly in his bedroom.


Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

I love sitting down and reading a good book with my baby. It’s a bit of relaxation time for the both of us and I like to make it as fun as possible. This cool pull-out design creates an enjoyable story for you to read to your little one. Watch your little one’s eyes light up as the colours in this book are revealed by pulling the tabs. Archie loves anything animal related and things he can pull, so this was a real winner!

Laundry bag

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

I’ve spotted these canvas sacks over on Instagram A LOT and I’ve always stared at them in envy. I love natural colours, especially in Archie’s nursery and this looks like it was made for his room. The simple design means it will always have a place in our home, and I have to say being a journo the typography makes my heart smile.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

But of course you don’t have to use it as a laundry bag if you don’t want to. This wonderfully versatile canvas sack works just as well as a toy storage bag too.

Hooded bath towel

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Of course I saved the best till last. How adorable is this hooded bath towel complete with shark face and fin? I love how cute Archie looks in this and it’s absolutely perfect for chilling in after bath time (do they come in my size too). It’s a little big on him at the moment, but just as well, as I want him to get maximum use out of it. Using quality items is key when it comes to your little one’s delicate skin, and this feels amazing. The colour is gorgeous, and completely unisex, making it an ideal gift for anyone.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

If you love this, you can also buy it separately over on their website, check it out here!

I have been so amazed with the quality and amount of items on offer in these boxes and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for that perfect gift.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

A little bit of info…

There are lots of different subscription options for you to choose from, so pick the package that is perfect for you and your little one.

Standard box | 4-6 items

Premium box | 7-9 items

You can then opt for a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription box, starting at a month that suits you. Prices start from £25.50/month for a 12-month subscription. Of course, if you would prefer to purchase a one-off box as a gift, then this is also an option. It would make a great baby shower, Christmas or arrival gift for a loved little one in your life.

Whichever box you choose, you will certainly not be disappointed. Each box is carefully put together by a great team, dedicated to providing you with quality items.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

Giveaway time…

For your chance to win one of these fantastic Premium boxes, keep your eyes peeled over on my Instagram @adizzydaisy for more information.

Red Elephant Baby Box Review And Giveaway -

*The box featured in this post os a Premium box which starts at £34 a month for a 12-month subscription

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