Thank You Runs Through My Veins

When I got pregnant I soon realised how lucky I was to be able to bring life into this world. It made me think about what I would like to tell my child when they grew up. How I wanted to tell them I love them and to tell them to be kind, generous and selfless. When thinking of these things, I wondered whether or not I’d been those things throughout my life as I didn’t want to come across as hypocritical.

I realised there was definitely more selfless acts I could do. Starting with giving blood.

You can’t give blood while pregnant, so I promised myself that once my baby was here, I would donate. I found out during a blood test while pregnant that I am a rare(ish) blood group (O negative) which means any blood group can receive my blood, but I can only receive the same in return. This made me even more excited to donate. Think of all the people I could help.

Then the unexpected happened.

There I was laying on a table having just given birth to my beautiful boy, losing more blood by the second. Due to theatre being busy I was delayed going in to be operated on so unfortunately I lost more blood than first anticipated.

It quickly became apparent that I’d lost far too much blood and my body simply couldn’t re-make it fast enough for me to feel human again. Four days after giving birth I was offered a blood transfusion to build me back up.

At first I didn’t want it. I wanted to pull through on my own and hope that my body would help me with this. I was upset that it would mean I could no longer donate, after setting my heart on doing so throughout my entire pregnancy.

But in the end I decided that the amazing people that donate didn’t do it for nothing. They did it to help people like me get strong enough to walk out of hospital with my baby in my arms.

I can’t thank whoever that kind person was enough. I hope you know I will eternally be grateful for your selfless act.

So, I guess that’s what I will teach my son. Be selfless. But if you can’t do something yourself, then be eternally grateful to those who do.

Thank You Runs Through My Veins -

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