Where It All Began

With baby bear well and truly on the way, it’s allowed me to have some time to reflect on the past year and everything that has happened. Chris and I met in January and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. Just when I never expected to be whisked off my feet and fall madly in love with someone, there he came along.

It’s funny that sometimes it’s the people right under your nose that you bypass or don’t realise you share the most amazing connection with. Chris and I work together and up until finally talking to one another we had been colleagues for about 7 months. I knew he was – the cool guy that everyone liked, but being shy I never expected he would know who I was in return.

Just before our work Christmas party in January I found out I got my dream job – still within the company but I was moving onto something exciting and what I’d been hoping for for a very long time. Still fairly new to the company, the Christmas party was a great way to meet people from other departments who I had perhaps heard of but hadn’t needed to deal directly with them yet. And this is when I met Chris.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that feeling of instant attraction to someone. Where you don’t know how or why but you need to speak to them in that instant – Well that’s how I felt when I caught him looking my way (multiple times). I’m not a big drinker and so I definitely don’t need alcohol to have a good time so I was straight on the dance floor without a drop inside of me. We kept bumping into one another and making a LOT of eye contact – which was a very new thing to me!

I’m the first to admit that I’m a one for fairytales at any opportunity but I’ve been somewhat dubious about the whole love at first sight thing. Well, until that moment. We spoke all night long and if it hadn’t have been for a friend offering me a lift home instead of having to call a taxi I probably would have been talking to him long past the 2pm pick up time.

Thankfully the conversation didn’t end at the goodbye that night. Messages back and forth were exchanged for days on end. We knew exactly where this was heading and it was exactly what we both wanted. We decided pretty early on that we were the one for each other. I’m a firm believer of when you know, you just know. And the universe brought us together for a reason.

Fast forward 7 months and we found out we’re expecting our first baby. And honestly – nothing makes me happier than knowing I get to make this wonderful man, the man who has taught me to love, shown me what it’s like to be loved and most importantly proved to me every single day how much he cares – yep I get to make that man a daddy. What a beautiful feeling.

So, you could say the past few months have well and truly been a whirlwind – and I couldn’t agree more! Although I wouldn’t change one second of it for anything!


How did you and your partner meet? I’d love to hear your fairytales!

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